GigFlex Introduces HIPAA-Compliant Video-Conferencing Freeware App for Home Health & Hospice Workers

CareHudl empowers healthcare clinicians to instantly consult on patient issues via secure video and texting

CINCINNATI MAY 25, 2021 – GigFlex LLC, the industry leader in Geo-Intelligent Scheduling® technology, announced today the introduction of CareHudl – a powerful and secure HIPAA-compliant video consulting & texting freeware mobile app for Home Health and Hospice workers.

CareHudl empowers healthcare clinicians to instantly connect with peers while onsite to consult on patient issues (e.g. confirming correct medication, or wound dressing). Peers that do not have the app can also be reached via a text message with a link-to-click to join the video.

Key features of CareHudl include HIPAA-compliant video streaming to enable peers to view the patient and/or patient environment, secure texting for private information sharing, an augmented reality ruler to enable peers to accurately confirm wound dimensions, and secure EMR screen sharing of information accessible through the clinicians mobile device. No EMR integration is required, and clinicians can download the CareHudl freeware app from the Apple Store or Google Playstore.

“CareHudl is a game changer for home health,” said Cheri McEssy, Principal and CEO of CMAC Ventures, a venture capital company focused on the wellness, aging and health technology fields. “Packaging key CareHudl communications features in a freeware app will open up the availability of these powerful HIPAA-compliant capabilities to many thousands of home healthcare and hospice workers seeking to improve their decision-making confidence, treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

“The launch of CareHudl re-enforces our commitment to the home-healthcare industry,” said Larry Schwartz, GigFlex CEO. “With the CareHudl freeware app, home healthcare providers will no longer have to choose between paying for these features versus assuming the risk associated with having their employees use non HIPAA-compliant alternatives. Additionally, CareHudl provides a platform that enables providers to easily expand deployment to include our full suite of industry-unique Geo-Intelligent Scheduling® and communication features for workforce administrators and clinicians.”

Read the full press release on PRWeb.

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