What is StaffWorks

StaffWorks is a Geo-intelligent Scheduling software application for any organization that manages a mobile workforce including staffing and security companies. The application enables any organization to ensure that all shifts are optimally staffed with the right person at the right location at the right time and to proactively address any staffing exceptions. The Staffworks mobile app empowers workers to easily see current assignments , sign up for available assignments, swap shifts, check-in when they arrive at their job location, and communicate with their home office. The software also simplifies time card approvals, payroll and customer invoicing.

Why should organizations use StaffWorks?

StaffWorks provides a complete turnkey system for organizations to manage onboarding, scheduling and monitoring their employees. The software provides the organization flexible and easily configurable options for scheduling to meet their organization’ HR rules, including self-signup for shifts by employees, thus reducing administrative overhead. The inbuild time-keeping functionality eliminates need for “after the fact” paper submissions, reducing errors and increasing speed and accuracy of payroll and invoicing.