Event Exchange


What Is Event Exchange?

Event Exchange is a software application that facilitates management of the personnel necessary for putting on large events. The app enables event organizers to manage event-worker schedules, and track the real-time location of workers while onsite during the event. It allows workers to view and make changes to their schedules, and to communicate with event organizers as needed.


How Does Event Exchange Work?

Event Exchange provides a turn key scheduling and tracking system, or can integrate with existing scheduling systems event organizers may be using. If a personnel management system is already in use, for example, Event Exchange can simply pull the worker-related data to functionalize the app for a given event. Event Exchange provides organizers with a management dashboard and workers with a mobile app that puts schedule management at their fingertips.


Why Should Event Organizers Choose to Use Event Exchange?

Managing the many paid or volunteer workers required to run a large event is a herculean effort. Even with standard personnel management software available for scheduling and payroll, managing event workers can be a very manual practice with walkie-talkies as the communication devices of choice for many and no means of pinpointing worker location other than workers’ assurances that they are where they are supposed to be. Event Exchange permits precision management of on-site workers for maximum operational accuracy and efficiency.

  • Automatic Check-In & Time KeepingWhen workers arrive on site, they can use the Event Exchange app
    to check in rather than making their way to a central office to check in manually, saving them time and effort. Organizers will see the completed check-in on the management dashboard. Event Exchange ensures that workers are at the venue before they can check in with the app, and keeps track of their arrival and departure time from the venue so that organizers can eaqsily generate summary reports
    of hours worked.
  • Personnel TrackingOrganizers can track worker location as soon as workers arrive on site
    and view the exact location of every worker throughout the venue via
    Event Exchange geointelligent tracking. The importance and relevance of this capability for security purposes is difficult to overstate. Successful events depend on the right personnel in the right position at the right time to ensure performers (athletes, musicians, et al) and the viewing public are well served and secure. The Event Exchange app continually sends location data back to the management dashboard display. Unless a worker turns
    off the phone, the data flow remains uninterrupted.
  • CommunicationMaking phone calls or using walkie-talkies to communicate can be unnecessarily disruptive and difficult during events. With Event Exchange,
    workers and organizers can text directly through the app. Worker messages appear on the management dashboard and organizers can use the dashboard
    to message every worker.
  • Schedule ManagementOrganizers can create worker schedules on the Event Exchange management dashboard or simply pull schedule data from existing personnel management systems. Workers are then able to view their schedule in the app. If workers are assigned a specific role, clicking on the assignment in their schedule will bring up a description of the expectations and duties the role entails. If workers need to change their schedule or take time off for any reason, they can message organizers via the app. Organizers can then send out messages (via each worker’s preferred communication channel) to anyone whose contact information is in the system and who is not currently scheduled, and request assistance. Recipients of these requests can accept the offer for an additional shift, but if no one is available, Event Exchange creates assignment priorities. If, for example, there are mission critical assignments, the app will adjust schedules to ensure these are filled by workers with the appropriate skill set.
  • ReportsEvent Exchange allows organizers to generate reports showing which workers are assigned to which positions during every hour of an event.