Security Services

Optimize Site Security Staffing Coverage & Performance

To assure optimum performance from building security personnel, GigFlex provides a comprehensive solution suite that improves scheduling effectiveness, reduces administrative overhead, improves security guard communication, & tools that ensure that help administrators proactively and effectively address any gaps in building security GigFlex’s Patented Adaptive Location Determination technology and innovative use of advanced geofencing technologies helps ensure that each security guard is always at the right location at the right time.


Improve Scheduling Effectiveness

GigFlex enables clients to search for security guards based on configurable parameters, view a prioritized list, and solicit selected workers via “event opportunity” messages with a click of a mouse. Parameters can include qualifications/certifications, licenses, past experience/performance, distance to post, hours worked, availability, worker interest, and offer responsiveness history.

A Check-In dashboard enables administrators to view daily check-in status, see which security guards have not yet checked in or checked out on time.


Reduce Administrative Overhead

GigFlex automatically sends shift reminders to guards to reduce coverage exceptions.GigFlex monitors guard location to ensure they are on-site when they self-check in using the mobile app, and cover all of their assigned coverage locations per their daily schedule.GigFlex automatically keeps track of actual hours worked on site.


Enhance Communications and Performance

Enable security guards to indicate availability for work , if they will be arriving late/need to leave early or will be unable to make a shift.

GigFlex enables secure real-time video sessions between workers and administration desk and keeps copy of videos for Incident Management purposes.

GigFlex provides security guards with visual confirmation that when they have arrived at their assigned posts.


Improved Building Security Coverage

Security Guards receive reminders when it is time to move to a different coverage lcoation.

GigFlex automatically identifies when security guards are not in their assigned location and correct location and provides real-time alerts to administrative personnel.

GigFlex Improves incident auditing capability by enabling administrators to see where each security guard was at any point of time on every shift.