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Welcome to GigFlex

The GeoIntelligent Scheduling™ platform that empowers both

employers and workers to optimize workforce utilization.

Private Car & Limo Geointelligent Scheduling Application

Private Car & Limo Services

Car and limo services are dependent on skilled, readily available drivers to provide as-needed transportation to their corporate clientele. Ensuring that requests for service equal driver availability is challenging, and too frequently, infeasible. Learn more

Staffing Agencies Geointelligent Scheduling App

Staffing Agencies

Many companies depend on staffing agencies for “gig” workers to complete jobs requiring only part of a regular shift. Keeping track of workers in the field to ensure timely completion of scheduled jobs and happy clients can be difficult. Learn more

GigFlex Medical Industry App

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare is a rapidly growing industry. With that growth comes the challenge of finding skilled personnel to serve patients with in-the-home medical care and ensuring that scheduled workers are where they should be.  Learn more

Event Exchange GeoIntelligent Worker Scheduling


Pulling off large events successfully is doable only with a large and reliable paid or volunteer workforce. Event organizers must ensure that workers show up and are in place to provide security and serve attendees. Learn more

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