Staffing Agencies

Improve staffing effectiveness, employee performance and customer satisfaction

Agencies need to be able to recruit and retain competent reliable workers, that can meet or exceed their client expectations. GigFlex provides workers with self-scheduling empowerment through an intelligent mobile app that enables them to see and select eligible opportunities that they are interested in and select them with the click of a button. Geo-intelligent tracking technology ensures workers show up at the right location at the right time and automatically keeps track of worker hours on-site to ensure accurate client billing and payroll processing.


Improve Staffing Effectiveness

GigFlex enables administrators to search for workers based on configurable parameters, view a prioritized list and solicit selected workers via “job opportunity” messages with a click of a mouse. Parameters can include qualifications/certifications, licenses, past experience/performance, distance to post, hours worked, availability, worker interest, and offer responsiveness history.


Reduce Administrative Overhead

GigFlex provides a streamlined check-in process that enables workers to check-in and check-out through a mobile app and automatically tracks their assigned job location on time.

GigFlex keeps track of exactly how long workers are on site to assure timesheet accuracy.


Enhance Worker Communications and Performance

Enable workers to indicate, if they will be arriving late/need to leave early or will be unable to make an assigned appointment.

The mobile app provides visual confirmation that each worker is exactly where he/she is supposed to be while on site.

Secure real-time texting sessions between workers and administrators enables issues to be managed quickly and efficiently.


Improve Worker Empowerment and Retention

GigFlex empowers workers to search for jobs opportunities based on configurable parameters, and select pre-approved assignments “with a click of a mouse.

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