Staffing Agencies


Staffing Agencies and Hourly Gigs

Staffing agencies may place workers for full-day shifts at one location or at multiple locations for projects requiring only two or three hours. One client company might, for example, need janitorial services for a whole day while several others need services for only a few hours. In either case, knowing the location of their workers during scheduled shifts is important in the effort of staffing agencies to deliver the best possible service to their client base.


Managing a Gig-Based Workforce

Delivering service excellence to clients means showing up on
time and completing the work at hand within the designated time frame. For staffing agencies with “gig” workers in the field, that means ensuring workers keep to their schedules. Leaving one job 30 minutes later than expected throws the next job off by at least 30 minutes. Poor traffic conditions and unscheduled stops for coffee can delay arrival even more.


Tracking While Benefiting the Gig-Based Workforce

Gig Exchange is a geointelligent scheduling software
application designed to improve business for both staffing agencies and their “gig” workers. The app tracks workers during their shifts via geointelligent scheduling technology permitting agency supervisors to ensure workers are where they should be at all times. Among other benefits, the app permits workers to view the schedule of jobs for which they are qualified on their mobile phone and to add jobs to their own schedule as desired.