Service industries cater to clients and customers who wish a particular service to be completed for them at a specific time and place. Inability or failure to complete the requested project can easily result in loss of those clients and to a tarnished reputation. GigFlex provides three service industries with the tools to meet client service expectations.


Home Healthcare Services

Home healthcare is a rapidly growing industry. For home healthcare services, maintaining the day’s schedule is essential, since patients depend on the services of the medical personnel sent to provide care. In this industry, it is essential that right-skilled workers provide the service in a timely manner. CareHudl helps ensure patients receive the best possible care.


Staffing Agencies

While many staffing agencies place longer-term office workers, others schedule workers for multiple shorter jobs to be completed within one work day. Getting the workers with the right skills to each job in the requested time frame is critical to good service delivery and client satisfaction. Among the geointelligent products we offer is Gig Exchange, the application that keeps the appropriate workers on schedule.


Private Car & Limo

In the private car and limo services industry, enterprises need a consistent supply right-skilled drivers to provide transportation to corporate-account clients, and drivers must arrive at the designated location at the specified hour. GigFlex geointelligent products include Ride Exchange, a software application that permits these services to find the the right drivers and to ensure service delivery is timely.