Large Events

Music festivals, sporting events, conferences and other types ofevents take place every day around the world. The event content may be different for each of these, but they share a common need for workers (paid or volunteer) to fill the many positions required to make them a reality – a smoothly functioning, safe, and enjoyable reality for attendees. Once hired, workers must be managed. They need role assignments, schedules, and a way to communicate with one another and with event organizers, both on- and off-site.


Managing Event Workers

To pull off a successful event, the right personnel must be in the right position and on location at the right time. Whether the job is taking tickets, providing security services, or selling beverages, there are perhaps thousands of event attendees expecting someone to be in place to meet their service needs during every stage of the event. For organizers, creating schedules for the event workforce is only the beginning. Step two is ensure workers arrive at the venue as scheduled and stay at their posts during the assigned shift. With often hundreds of workers to manage, organizers can find it difficult if not impossible to monitor every worker’s whereabouts. The walkie-talkies many still use to communicate are noisy and inefficient, and fail to convey actual worker location. No-shows and sick personnel are another issue that organizers cannot easily handle without systems in place to find replacement workers on short notice.


A GeoIntelligent Scheduling Application Made for Events

GigFlex LLC specializes in geointelligent scheduling applications. Event Exchange is our newest product and is designed specifically for efficient management of event personnel. The app enables worker check-in and check-out at the event venue, and tracks the location of every worker during scheduled shifts. Finding replacement workers also becomes easier with the app’s communications functionality.

Learn more about Event Exchange geointelligent scheduling software.