Home Healthcare


The Growing Home Healthcare Services Industry

Home healthcare is a rapidly growing sector and home healthcare services are in need of enough skilled personnel to meet the care requirements of patients contracting for their services. Hiring and retaining qualified staff and keeping personnel on schedule in the field are challenges with which home healthcare service inevitably contend as they grow.


Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Caregivers

Skilled medical professionals are the lifeblood of any
successful home healthcare enterprise. Attracting and keeping them on staff means offering desirable benefits. One benefit most workers in most industries would like to see added to the package is schedule flexibility. The need to balance work and family life affects nearly everyone and any opportunity to secure a position permitting easily instituted schedule adjustments is a perk many jobseekers include on their “must-have” or at least “would-really-like-to-have” list.


Keeping Home Healthcare Workers on Schedule

Patient care can be unpredictable. An appointment scheduled
for 20 minutes may double the time and can throw a healthcare worker’s schedule off. Late arrival is an inconvenience and potentially very disruptive for patients scheduled later in the day. On-time care delivery is a top priority for home healthcare enterprises and intraday management of schedule variances is therefore a necessity for supervisors in the home office.


Solving Scheduling Problems and Adding Benefits with Geointelligent Scheduling Software

CareHudl is a new geointelligent software application that solves scheduling issues for both home healthcare enterprises and their medical personnel. The app tracks workers in real-time so that enterprises always know where they are during working hours and can make personnel adjustments based on changing circumstances, including unexpected patient-care requirements or traffic conditions. Workers can use the app to communicate with management and make changes to their schedules.Learn more about geointelligent scheduling