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The cornerstone of enterprises in many service industries is ensuring the right worker is in the right place at the right time. Workforce management and scheduling systems are invaluable tools for forecasting and planning initial schedules based on known client and customer requirements, but schedule variances arise due to unforeseen events. This is where geointelligent scheduling becomes critical to service excellence.


What Are GeoIntelligent Scheduling
Software Products?

In the simplest terms, geointelligent products keep track of each worker’s geolocation together with real-time traffic conditions during working hours. The following scenario illustrates how geointelligent scheduling works:

Olivia is a home healthcare nurse and visits her first patient at 9:00 a.m. The appointment is scheduled for 20 minutes, but the patient is exhibiting unexpected symptoms and the visit ends up taking 30 minutes. Olivia is now behind schedule for her 10:00 a.m. appointment. On the way there, a car accident on the highway causes heavy traffic and delays. The CareHudl geointelligent scheduling system automatically alerts both her supervisor in the home office and the patient whom she is trying to reach that she’ll be late. The system also indicates if another available healthcare nurse is closer to the patient’s home and can get there faster. The supervisor can choose to send that nurse instead of Olivia and would inform the patient of the change.

Geointelligent scheduling also provides Olivia with the ability to select additional patient-care visits for her schedule. She may, for example, be scheduled
for only six hours of work on a given day. The CareHudl mobile app allows her to view appointments that match her skill set and are within a reasonable geographical range. She can use the app to add some of these to her schedule and the CareHudl system will automatically update and send notification to
both supervisors and patients.

Geointelligent scheduling software products can be used in many industries that require workers to be present in different and changing locations at a
set time. GigFlex currently provides a platform for three industries:


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