Private Car & Limo Services


Private Car and Limo Services Require Available Drivers


In cities around the world, private car and limo services offer corporate clients transportation to and from airports and other destinations. In London alone, for example, there are over 2,000 private-car and limo-service operators. Demand for skilled, licensed drivers is high and operators often find themselves with more demand for services than drivers to provide them.


Locating Available Drivers

Private car and limo services employ a given number of drivers. When there are not enough drivers available to meet the transportation requests of services’ corporate accounts, there is currently have only one option: Call other operators to inquire if any of their drivers could step in. The process is time-consuming and inefficient.


A GeoIntelligent Driver Scheduling Platform to Ensure Driver Availability and Timely Service

A new application makes the process of finding drivers easy and fast. Ride Exchange is an on-demand scheduling platform that allows private car and limo service operators to schedule fares online and to locate drivers employed by any operator who is a member of the platform when staff drivers are unavailable. The application tracks drivers in real-time thereby enabling the timely completion of client transportation requests.

Private Car and Limo Services Use Cases


The Potential for Growth

Ride Exchange provides the private car and limo service industry with unique geointelligent scheduling tools to compete and expand in the private transportation industry. The ability to meet corporate client demand with skilled drivers and on-time services via the Ride Exchange platform enables enterprises in the industry to accept more and more fare requests. Consistent delivery of service for the increasing demand has the potential to result in substantial growth for the sector.