Gig Exchange GeoIntelligent


What is Gig Exchange?

Gig Exchange from GigFlex is a geointelligent staffing agency scheduling software application designed to connect seamlessly with any enterprise management systems staffing agencies deploy. Developed to improve productivity and performance of staffing agency workers in the field while also increasing worker flexibility and job satisfaction, the application ensures scheduled workers are on-site and complete assigned projects within the allotted time frame.


How Does
Gig Exchange Work?

As a software application that integrates with existing systems,
GigFlex uses existing data on employee attributes and staffing agency schedules together with real-time geolocation and traffic information to track workers in the field and manage daily work schedules. There are two components to Gig Exchange:

  • the browser-based enterprise dashboard for supervisor use in the staffing agency home office that puts management of workers in the field at supervisors’ fingertips
  • a mobile app for the workforce that puts communication with supervisors and job scheduling in every worker’s hands


Why Should Staffing Agencies Deploy Gig Exchange?

If the goal a staffing agency enterprise is to serve clients with a reliable, productive workforce dedicated to completing work projects in a timely manner while reducing costs and retaining qualified workers, a Gig Exchange implementation is advantageous.

  • Real-Time Workforce ManagementGig Exchange enables staffing agencies to manage workers in the field in real-time. Workers download the mobile app to their phone and supervisors
    in the home office can subsequently see the geolocation of each worker during working hours. Any changes in schedule or in project scope can be communicated instantly via the worker’s preferred contact channel: text message, email, or phone call. The same channels can be used to communicate
    with right-skilled workers at the click of a button when clients call in with new, intraday service requests. Workers can immediately choose to accept or
    reject additional projects to which the Gig Exchange system alerts them.
  • Timely Service DeliveryEnsuring that workers arrive and complete work assignments on time are critical if staffing agencies expect to achieve high-level client satisfaction.
    The Gig Exchange interface monitors exactly where workers are located at all times and pulls in data on traffic conditions in the area between a worker’s location and that of a client company waiting for service. Should traffic conditions prevent a worker from reaching the client at the scheduled hour, the system automatically notifies the client that the worker will be delayed. The system can also be configured to send another worker who can reach the client faster. Again, the client would be automatically notified of the change in personnel.
  • Absenteeism AbatementOne of the biggest challenges staffing agencies face is the failure of workers to show up for scheduled work assignments. Gig Exchange ameliorates
    the problem substantially. If a scheduled worker is not on the way to the client at a preconfigured time, Gig Exchange alerts supervisors of the issue. The supervisor can attempt to contact the worker or can send notification to other right-skilled, currently unscheduled workers located near the
    client who could step in.
  • Cost Reduction and Business GrowthStaffing agencies can reduce their costs and expand their operations with Gig Exchange because it helps them ensure that workers with the right capabilities always show up to undertake client projects.

    Consistent, reliable service encourages repeat business and brand boosting by clients via word of mouth or social media mentions.

  • Workforce Empowerment Through Scheduling OptionsThe benefits of using Gig Exchange do not accrue only to the staffing agency. Workers gain flexibility and the option to increase their income when they download the mobile app. The app enables them to communicate easily with the home office if they become ill or cannot make it to a work assignment for any other reason. The app also renders it unnecessary for workers to call in to the office or to the client when they’re running late. The system automatically manages these communications and devises the best solution for meeting client needs. Finally, workers who wish to pick up additional assignments can view and select from the schedule of available jobs. Gig Exchange assigns them the requested work and updates the schedule.