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Ride Exchange GeoIntelligent Scheduling Software

What Is Ride Exchange?

Ride Exchange geointelligent scheduling software from GigFlex is an application designed to integrate with the existing scheduling systems of private car and limo services. Any car and limo service deploying the app can post requests for drivers when short on right-skilled staff. Other car and limo services also using the app can view the posting and offer the fare to their own drivers. During working hours, the app tracks drivers and can correlate fare requests with driver geolocation for maximum efficiency and timely client service delivery. Car services have full visibility into their drivers’ location at all times during working hours.

How Does Ride Exchange Work?

When integrated with car and limos services’ existing employee management and scheduling systems, Ride Exchange pulls pertinent data from these and displays both driver and client geolocation to ensure clients receive service from drivers with the appropriate vehicle and skill set at the hour requested. Car services whose company drivers are all occupied or unavailable can post client fare requests in Ride Exchange. Other participating car services with available drivers send notification to any in close enough proximity to fulfill the fare request. Drivers have the ability to accept or reject the fare. All participating car services can track their drivers in real-time within the interface.

Why Should Private Car and Limo Services Use Ride Exchange?

Ride Exchange geointelligent scheduling software benefits both the drivers and the car and limo services operators employing them.

Driver Uses Ride Exchange Geointelligent App

Benefits for Private Car and Limo Service Operators

Access to Drivers

Every private car and limo service operator employs a limited pool of skilled drivers. When fare requests come in and all staff drivers are in the field, Ride Exchange broadens the driver population from which an operator can draw. The more operators participating in the Ride Exchange system, the larger the pool of potential drivers.

Driver Visibility and Mitigation of Service Delays

The geolocating feature of the Ride Exchange application allows car and limo service operators to see exactly where drivers are at any given time during working hours. This visibility, together with a view into real-time traffic conditions permits operators to ensure drivers will collect clients at the appointed hour. If traffic conditions will prevent on-time arrival, the Ride Exchange automatically notifies the operator and the client. Operators can also assign the fare to another driver who is close enough to the client’s location to provide service in a timely manner.

Business Expansion

Access to a much larger population of drivers offers Ride Exchange users the ability to expand operations. When clients place intraday fare requests, operators can accept the booking with reasonable certainty that a right-skilled driver will be there to fulfill it.

Benefits for Drivers

Additional Income and Schedule Control

Ride Exchange gives drivers the opportunity to generate extra income for themselves while also empowering them with control over which “extra” assigments they accept. Drivers always have the ability to decline an offer for any fare added to the day’s original schedule.

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