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Geolocate Your Event Workforce with Geofencing

Geofencing for Event Workers

If you happen to work in marketing, “geofencing” may be a familiar concept. It’s a marketing tool that allows ads, or other types of notifications, to be sent to mobile devices that enter a designated geographic area. Say you’re driving near one of your favorite eateries during lunch hour. If that restaurant has initiated an advertising program using geofencing, you might receive a communication on your mobile phone offering $3.00 off your next lunch. In other words, your geolocation matters to organizations that would like to do immediate, brick-and-mortar business with you. Geolocation matters in many contexts, however, that have nothing to do with marketing, and geofencing, therefore, has application far beyond marketing campaigns.

One eminently useful application for geofencing technology is the large event. Whether in sports, music, or other industries, large events share similarities: All of them depend on paid workers or volunteers to staff designated locations in the event venue. Before geofencing, there was no way to ensure every worker arrived, and remained, at the assigned area without visual verification. Today, event organizers can map out exactly where they want each worker stationed, set the geofence coordinates, and track each worker in each location for the duration of each shift. GigFlex, a leader in geointelligent scheduling, has developed an event workforce scheduling app – Event Exchange – that enables organizers to configure and manage geofence positions. Organizers can use the app’s dashboard to create new positions, adjust existing positions, and dynamically change the description workers see on their smartphones for their assigned position (workers must download the app to their Android or iPhone). The dashboard displays each position and alerts organizers when workers are not in assigned position. Organizers can then initiate communication with the not-in-correct-position worker to resolve the issue. A visual display of the entire team’s location in a vast venue together with the ability to make location changes and communicate them to affected team members as needed, greatly reduces the complexity of managing a large-event workforce.

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