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GeoIntelligent Home Healthcare Scheduling Software

What Is MedStaff Exchange?

MedStaff Exchange from GigFlex is a geointelligent, on-demand home healthcare scheduling software application that integrates with existing employee management systems to deliver improved productivity, utilization, and job satisfaction for home healthcare workers. MedStaff Exchange offers unique features that raise the patient service bar and reduce costs for home healthcare enterprises.

How Does MedStaff Exchange Work?

The MedStaff Exchange application connects seamlessly to most existing workforce management and scheduling systems and uses data from these to place right-skilled workers with the right patient at the right time. Unique to the technology is the geolocating and calculating capability that enables best-of-care worker-patient relationships and efficient deployment of the home-healthcare workforce. The MedStaff application includes a

  1. Web portal for supervisor management of the home healthcare workforce
  2. mobile app for home healthcare workers to communicate with the corporate office and to access schedule options
Home Healthcare Worker Using MedStaff Exchange App

Why Should Home Healthcare Services Use MedStaff Exchange?

Both home healthcare services and their workforce benefit from using MedStaff Exchange to increase the accuracy and efficiency of healthcare delivery to patients in the home.

  • Improved Billing and Medicare Remittance

    With its geointelligent capability, MedStaff automatically tracks the location of home healthcare workers to ensure that arrival and departure times submitted for each client location are accurate. This reduces incorrect billing and can have a positive impact on revenue delay or loss from Medicare Additional Development Requests (ADR’s).

  • Accurate Timing of Service Delivery

    By correlating on-site care delivery times with expected (scheduled) care delivery times, MedStaff Exchange can proactively alert both the worker and the enterprise of potential issues (e.g. a service that should take 20 minutes takes either less than 10 minutes or more than 40 minutes) so that mitigation steps can be taken.

  • Missed Appointment Mitigation

    MedStaff automatically analyzes the current location of each worker and real-time traffic conditions to identify instances when a worker will not arrive at a scheduled appointment on time. MedStaff then:

      1. Alerts worker of appointment timing issue and forecast arrival variance
      2. Alerts company administrator of timing issue and forecast arrival variance
      3. Identifies potential mitigation options including assignment of visit to another worker
      4. Communicates to the patient any anticipated arrival time changes or a change in scheduled worker via preferred contact method (email, text message, voice message)
  • Worker Absenteeism Mitigation

    When workers call in sick or become otherwise unavailable, MedStaff automatically identifies the optimal options for rescheduling appointments based on configurable attributes including work status (full-time, part-time, salary, per diem), hours worked or scheduled, schedule location of each worker, skills, performance, prior experience working with that client, and pre-identified interest in additional hours for that date.

Home Healthcare Services and Workers Both Benefit

MedStaff geointelligent scheduling software allows home healthcare enterprises to know

  • where their workers are
  • how long patient care visits actually take
  • when an alternative worker should be sent to a patient when the originally scheduled worker is stuck in traffic
  • when to communicate worker arrival or staffing variances to patients

This allows for efficient and verified delivery of services, accurate billing and faster payments.

The Medstaff geointelligent scheduling application enables home healthcare workers to

  • ensure their patients receive notification when they will arrive later than scheduled
  • ensure a right-skilled worker will be sent in their place if traffic or illness prevents completion of service
  • look for and schedule additional appointments via the mobile app when available and appropriate
  • Let supervisors know when illness or other issues prevent them from working

Managing communications and scheduling via the mobile app increases worker flexibility, self-direction, and job satisfaction.

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