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GeoIntelligent Home Healthcare Scheduling Software

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What Is CareHudl?

CareHudl from GigFlex is a geo-intelligent, on-demand home healthcare scheduling and communication software application that integrates with existing employee management systems to deliver improved productivity, utilization, information-sharing, and job satisfaction for home healthcare workers. CareHudl offers unique features that improve the timeliness, quality and efficiency of patient service delivery.


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Why Should Home Healthcare Services Use CareHudl?

Home healthcare services exist to bring medical care to patients in their homes. Implementing the homecare model effectively poses challenges. Among these are:

  • hiring and retaining skilled clinicians to serve patients
  • optimizing clinician utilization
  • improved clinician appointment compliance
  • simplified schedule change management
  • communicating schedule changes to all affected parties
  • ensuring patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • proactive service delivery issue alerting
  • automated identification of optimal solution to appointment issues
  • real-time appointment issue mitigation
  • mitigating employee absenteeism
  • Electronic Visit Verification compliance assurance

CareHudl is designed to help address each of these issues, enabling both home healthcare service administrators and clinicians in the field achieve their respective professional and business goals. An explanation of each point on the list follows:

Hiring and retaining skilled clinicians to serve patients

In today’s employment environment, many workers are seeking a balance between work and family life. Flexibility in their work schedules is essential to achieving that balance. CareHudl enables clinicians to change their schedules using the mobile app. All clinicians can download the app for the purpose of schedule management and communication with the home office, with patients and with peers. Clinicians can also use the app to take on additional appointments when these are available and appropriate for the clinician’s location and skill set.

Optimizing clinician utilization

Patients need care from clinicians with the skills and experience to address their specific health concerns. CareHudl matches patient and caregiver attributes in scheduling appointments, ensuring that patients receive the appropriate care and that clinicians are not sent into care settings for which they are ill prepared. By taking into account the location of each patient and clinician, optimal schedule routes can be automatically created minimizing clinician commuting time, and effectively increasing the number of appointments a clinician can be assigned.

Improved clinician appointment compliance

Sophisticated scheduling and schedule tracking capability make CareHudl a highly effective tool for home healthcare services. The CareHudl administrator dashboard provides clear visuals of patient appointments and the schedules of clinicians assigned to each patient. Clinicians can view their schedules on their smartphone, and see the best routes to take to get to each appointment, taking into account current traffic conditions at any time using the CareHudl mobile app.

Simplified appointment change management

When a patient contacts a home healthcare office to change an appointment, the CareHudl dashboard makes it easy to reschedule. The clinician assigned to that patient receives immediate notification of the schedule change via the CareHudl app on their smartphone.

Real-time clinician and patient communication

If a patient calls in to the home healthcare services home office to change an appointment, the CareHudl system immediately contacts the clinician assigned to the patient with the updated information. A clinician can also contact a patient to adjust an appointment time for example if he/she is running ahead of schedule or a previous appointment has been cancelled. Upon confirmation with patient the home office receives a notification of the change and the appointment time is automatically updated in the home office scheduling system.

Ensuring patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment

Even the most experienced clinicians may sometimes be stumped by a condition a patient is manifesting. To increase clinician confidence that they are correctly diagnosing a situation and providing the right treatment, they can easily and securely consult with peers while on-site at the patient’s home using the CareHudl mobile app. Consultations take place via HIPAA-compliant encrypted video permitting peer observation of the condition including accurate measurement assessment via an augmented reality ruler and real-time EMR screen sharing. All video is automatically erased to protect patient privacy. Secure Video Consulting helps improve condition diagnosis , treatment determination and service documentation accuracy, improving service quality, and reducing the potential for revenue delay or loss from Medicare Additional Development Requests (ADR’s).

Proactive service delivery issue alerting

Traffic conditions can easily result in clinicians’ late arrival for home healthcare appointments. This can both inconvenience patients and throw off a clinician’s schedule for the entire day. CareHudl monitors traffic conditions in real-time and alerts clinicians of delays on their current route and generates an alert if an appointment cannot be met on time.

Real-time appointment issue mitigation

If traffic conditions or other issues will prevent a clinician from arriving at future an appointment on time, CareHudl performs the following tasks:

  1. Alerts worker of appointment timing issue and forecast arrival variance
  2. Alerts home healthcare company administrator of timing issue and forecast arrival variance
  3. Identifies potential mitigation options including assignment of visit to another worker
  4. Proactively communicates to the patient any anticipated arrival time changes or a change in scheduled worker via preferred contact method (email, text message, voice message)

CareHudl takes every possible step to minimize inconvenience to the patient, to maintain schedule flow for the clinician, and enable the home healthcare service to meet customer/patient needs while managing staff in the field effectively.

Mitigating clinician absenteeism

When a clinician with multiple patients scheduled for a day calls in sick, home healthcare services can find it difficult to fulfill their patient care obligations. Home Healthcare scheduling systems are typically not designed to perform on-demand dispatching, making it difficult for scheduling administrators to deal with intra-day scheduling issues. If a clinician calls in sick or become otherwise unavailable, CareHudl automatically identifies the optimal options for rescheduling the day’s appointments based on configurable attributes including work status (full-time, part-time, salary, per diem), hours worked or scheduled, schedule location of each worker, skills, performance, prior experience working with that patient, and pre-identified interest in additional hours for that time and/or location. If at all possible, patients will receive a visit from a clinician with the right skills at the scheduled appointment time. If no right-skilled clinician is available, CareHudl will communicate to the patient the need for a rescheduled appointment.

Electronic Visit Verification compliance assurance

With its geo-intelligent scheduling technology, CareHudl automatically tracks the location of home healthcare workers to ensure that arrival and departure times submitted for each client location are accurately recorded. This ensures compliance with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.

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