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CareHudl app for Healthcare Workers

Try our free CareHudl app for peer-to-peer communications

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What does the CareHudl Freeware App Do?

CareHudl enables clinicians to connect with peers to consult on-site in real-time on patient issues. For example :

  • Determining correct medication.
  • Confirming the best wound dressing or identifying the cause of a rash.
  • Resolving how to enter correct data or treatment codes into the EMR.

What Are Key Features?

  • Video enables clinicians to share patient issues and/or patient environment
    (to maintain patient privacy, no video is recorded)
  • Augmented Reality Ruler enables easy assessment of size
    (e.g. of rash, or wound)
  • Secure Messaging enables private information sharing

What Are Key Benefits?

  • Increased decision-making confidence
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced errors and reimbursement issues
  • HIPAA compliance (It’s safe to use)

Frequently Asked Questions

CareHudl is secure, HIPAA compliant. and features an augmented reality ruler. Importantly, it is not
necessary for colleagues to also have the app when you request a consult with them.

CareHudl app is available for in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

We think every home healthcare professional should have high quality secure, video consulting capability to assist with patient care.

There isn’t one – The CareHudl app is 100% free for you to use.

Yes, you can at anytime upgrade to CareHudl Pro

Pro provides unlimited video-calling, and includes additional features like storing and retrieving images, real-time traffic alerts, automated mileage tracking and the ability to create schedules in the app and receive automated appointment reminders. We also offer CareHudl Enterprise – a comprehensive offering for your employer that provides advanced geo-intelligent features including the ability for you to call in sick, trade schedules, self-schedule additional appointments, and automate electronic visit verification. See the comparison chart above for additional reference.

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