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A New Way to Manage Home Healthcare Scheduling Exceptions

The GigFlex MedStaff Exchange App Handles Scheduling Exceptions for Home Healthcare Services

A great challenge home healthcare services face is ensuring that scheduled patients actually receive the home healthcare visit they’re expecting. MedStaff Exchange by GigFlex is a geointelligent scheduling application and an industry-leading tool that enables home healthcare services to achieve scheduling goals with ease. We’ll make the case by walking you through a type of home healthcare scheduling exception these services face frequently. We’ll take a look at how, on any given day, MedStaff Exchange can identify patients who are scheduled for a home healthcare visit but haven’t been assigned a clinician, and can fix the scheduling problem with a few clicks from a scheduling manager.

Watch the video here. Below is a description of what you’re seeing, in case you have questions.

First, you see the MedStaff Exchange dashboard. On the left side of the screen sits a navigation menu. The third option on the menu is Location. Selecting Location brings up the Time Map, a screen on which scheduling managers can view the location of all patients and clinicians scheduled for the day. By moving through the timeline sitting above the map, managers can see the clinician assigned to each patient at every 15-minute interval. Blue markers indicate patient location and in clicking on one of them while at 10:30 a.m. on the timeline, we see that Isaias Greene will receive a homecare visit from Donnell Ferrell at that time. Clicking on the nearby black marker brings up location and assignment information about the clinician Donnell Ferrell. This is appointment is correctly staffed. No scheduling issues here.

Moving forward in the timeline, however, brings us to a red location marker at 2:15 p.m. Red indicates a problem and clicking on the marker shows us that Tommy Avila is scheduled but that no clinician has been assigned. To address a scheduling exception of this kind, we go back to the navigation menu on the left and select Appointments. The Appointments screen lists all the clinicians scheduled for the day and their appointment times. The 2:00 p.m. window at the top of the screen is a light green indicating there is a scheduling issue to address during this time frame. Clicking on 2:00 p.m. brings up a list of all patients scheduled for the 2:00 p.m. window, including Tommy Avila. Selecting “Edit this appointment” reveals clinicians eligible for assignment to this particular patient – i.e., unscheduled for that hour, right-skilled and within close enough proximity to make it there by the 2:15 appointment time. Deanna Knight fits the profile. Selecting “Submit” sends her the Tommy Avila assignment.

Returning to the Appointments screen, we see it now shows 2:00 p.m. in darker green indicating the scheduling problem is solved. And finally, a return to the Time Map at 2:15 shows Tommy Avila receiving a visit from Deanna Knight. The red marker is now blue.

Contact GigFlex to see the application for yourself.

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